Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Convention Center and an Unexpected Storm Gathering

The Before Photo depicts the carpet in this convention center soaked--reflecting the water off the pooling surface. Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, w... READ MORE

Senior Citizen Water Damage in Bethpage

The resident guests in Bethpage's senior citizen retirement facility were inconvenienced by a water leak in the attic plumbing. Luckily, our team arrived very s... READ MORE

Hotel Hallway Flooded in Levittown

The ruptured plumbing in a bathroom resulted in about an inch of water covering a large area of the corridor in this Levittown hotel. We're Faster To Any Size D... READ MORE

Water Damaged Office in Levittown

The crew from SERVPRO arrived at this water damaged office building in Levittown and promptly set up water extraction equipment. (See the red hose.) Our goal wa... READ MORE

Levittown Hardwood Floor Mitigation

The leaking pipe wet the hardwood flooring in this Levittown commercial office suite. As illustrated in the Before Photo, there is slight cupping (lifting at th... READ MORE

Commercial Water Removal in Levittown

A commercial center in Levittown suffered a water-damaging event when the main water line ruptured during the night. The Before Photo depicts the standing water... READ MORE