Recent Before & After Photos

Plumbing Water Damage Cleanup for a Bellmore Living Room

The Before Photo of this Bellmore home demonstrates the damage the property endured after a pipe burst. The ceilings are heavily damaged and partially collapsed... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration in Bethpage

The attic fire, caused by an electrical short, resulted in the visual effects depicted in the Before Photo. The third-party engineer deemed the slightly charred... READ MORE

Wood Floor and Water Problems in Levittown

The laminated wood flooring in this Levittown home was soaked from a leaking pipe. The base wood composite and glue delaminated from the upper printed surface. ... READ MORE

Hotel Hallway Flooded in Levittown

The ruptured plumbing in a bathroom resulted in about an inch of water covering a large area of the corridor in this Levittown hotel. We're Faster To Any Size D... READ MORE

Bethpage Flood Recovery

The basement in this Bethpage home took on muddy groundwater from a storm and deposited mud and contaminants. The sheetrock wall was damaged, and we performed a... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Levittown Home

The electrical short from the pump in this exotic aquarium resulted in the fire damage shown in the Before Photo. Our SERVPRO crew did the relocation of the tan... READ MORE

Hidden Water Leak Means Demolition

The water dripped for days under the storage area of this staircase in a Levittown home. The unnoticed water wicked up into the drywall, and our SERVPRO crew pe... READ MORE

Levittown Sewage Cleanup

The truly Black Water from this sewage blockage in Levittown was a biohazardous requiring immediate attention. The SERVPRO crew assigned to this cleanup and res... READ MORE

Water Damaged Office in Levittown

The crew from SERVPRO arrived at this water damaged office building in Levittown and promptly set up water extraction equipment. (See the red hose.) Our goal wa... READ MORE

Floodwater Removal in Levittown

When significant amounts of groundwater flood the interior of a house in Levittown, it is time to call in an experienced company to mitigate the flood damage. Y... READ MORE