Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Damage from a Storm in Levittown

The rainwater breached the roof of this Levittown home and worked down into the insulation and the ceiling panels. The water stains are quite visible in the Bef... READ MORE

Wood Floor and Water Problems in Levittown

The laminated wood flooring in this Levittown home was soaked from a leaking pipe. The base wood composite and glue delaminated from the upper printed surface. ... READ MORE

Hidden Water Leak Means Demolition

The water dripped for days under the storage area of this staircase in a Levittown home. The unnoticed water wicked up into the drywall, and our SERVPRO crew pe... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bethpage

The leak in the adjacent bathroom to this Bethpage hallway occurred when the house was unoccupied. Several days of soaking the older carpet resulted in delamina... READ MORE

Levittown Water Damaged Wall

The seepage from the rainwater soaked the bay window area of this home in Levittown. The damaged sheetrock, as shown in the Before Photo, was ready for controll... READ MORE

Water Damaging Event in Levittown

This first-floor ceiling shows wetness caused by a leak in a drain line. Unfortunately, the homeowners did not notice the water stain on the ceiling soon enough... READ MORE