Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Storm Damage Demolition in Plainedge

The severe storm pushed a significant amount of groundwater into this Plainedge property. The Before Photo shows substantial water damage, a one-foot high water... READ MORE

Leaky Roof, Mold on a Levittown Ceiling

When rainwater or poorly insulated attics produce moisture, dormant mold spores, always present as a force of nature, can grow into unsightly and damaging colon... READ MORE

Plumbing Water Damage Cleanup for a Bellmore Living Room

The Before Photo of this Bellmore home demonstrates the damage the property endured after a pipe burst. The ceilings are heavily damaged and partially collapsed... READ MORE

Levittown Sewage Cleanup

The truly Black Water from this sewage blockage in Levittown was a biohazardous requiring immediate attention. The SERVPRO crew assigned to this cleanup and res... READ MORE

Remediating Kitchen Cabinet Damage with SERVPRO Tools

Wet, stained kitchen counter with soiled cabinetry and debris on floors and a nearby radiator Wide angle of cleaned kitchen counter and cabinets with SERVPRO eq... READ MORE

Electrical Short and Fire Damage in Levittown

The electrical short in the wall resulted in a fire that ruined a section of the walls in this Levittown home. The firefighters busted a hole in the ceiling to ... READ MORE