Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Remediates Storm Damage in Levittown

The before photo shows a basement flood in a Levittown home after a storm. The homeowner uses buckets, brooms, mops, and a wet-dry vacuum to attempt to remove e... READ MORE

Vacant House and Storm Damage in Levittown

Windows were left open after an inspection, and this vacant house in Levittown was drenched with rainwater. Fortunately, SERVPRO responded within hours to the c... READ MORE

Groundwater Causes Damage in Bethpage

The heavy rains soaked into the exterior paneling of this house in Bethpage. The seepage caused water damage to the drywall, trim, and carpet, as shown in the B... READ MORE

Bethpage Flood Recovery

The basement in this Bethpage home took on muddy groundwater from a storm and deposited mud and contaminants. The sheetrock wall was damaged, and we performed a... READ MORE

Floodwater Removal in Levittown

When significant amounts of groundwater flood the interior of a house in Levittown, it is time to call in an experienced company to mitigate the flood damage. Y... READ MORE

Levittown Storm Damage Recovery

Stormwater can transport various contaminants into a home in Levittown. Our SERVPRO water damage technicians follow IICRC recommendations--we remove wet and soi... READ MORE

Flooding in a Finished Bethpage Basement

The storm flooded this Bethpage basement with contaminated groundwater. The pooling water on the carpet in the Before Photo can quickly damage the wood furnitur... READ MORE